Top Tips

  • Start by trying as many styles on as you possibly can even ones that you wouldn’t think would suit you, you just might be surprised
  • If you don’t think any shape will suit you, try an a-symmetric style brim, this style is extremely flattering on all face shapes. If you have a heart shaped face then you are extremely lucky as most styles will suit you
  • Ensure that the hat is in proportion with you, don’t go any wider than your own shoulders
  • Don’t let the hat wear you, you must wear the hat
  • Most importantly you know when you’ve found the right hat because it’s the one that makes you feel absolutely wonderful… Don’t stop until you get that feeling
  • Ensure that your outfit and hat aren’t competing with one another. If your outfit is heavily patterned and detailed then the hat needs to be a complete contrast, simple but very effective. If your outfit is quite plain and simple then you can afford to go to the extreme with your hat
  • When you choose the colour of your hat it doesn’t always have to match the colour of your outfit, it is just as important that it suits your own colouring
  • And remember, if in doubt Ladies are Always Right!