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Why Wear A Hat

So why wear a hat... A hat when its the right one, whether it be a hat, a headpiece or a fascinator can do something truly wonderful to you. It can give you such a sense of well being, self confidence so that you are truly glowing and what woman doesn't want that! It can make you feel beautiful, sexy and extremely feminine, it can bring out your inner confidence and totally transform you from mundane reality and what is wrong with that I ask? If these are still not credible answers for you, then for no other reason than…
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Top Tips

  • Start by trying as many styles on as you possibly can even ones that you wouldn't think would suit you, you just might be surprised
  • If you don't think any shape will suit you, try an a-symmetric style brim, this style is extremely flattering on all face shapes. If you have a heart shaped face then you are extremely lucky as most styles will suit you
  • Ensure that the hat is in proportion with you, don't go any wider than your own shoulders
  • Don't let the hat wear you, you must wear the hat
  • Most importantly you know when you've found the right hat because it's the one that makes you feel absolutely wonderful... Don't stop until you get that feeling
  • Ensure that your outfit and hat aren't competing with one another. If your outfit is heavily patterned and detailed then the hat needs to be a complete contrast, simple but very effective. If your outfit is quite plain and simple then you can afford to go to the extreme with your hat
  • When you choose the colour of your hat it doesn't always have to match the colour of your outfit, it is just as important that it suits your own colouring
  • And remember, if in doubt Ladies are Always Right!
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