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Bailey Lodge Flat Cap


Oh... What a Cap! This beautiful Evergreen Oh So Stylish Flat Cap will certainly turn heads!

Our Poet hats embody all rugged and masculine styles that are inspired by the fortitude and courage of the old West, an ode to our Western heritage. These hats are comfortable, tough, casual, functional, and rooted in masculinity. Ideal for the traveling vagabond. Our Bailey caps are reknown for their exceptional fit. Your favorite country plaids now in a hat. Panels provide contoured 'modern country' look. Woodchip logo. Fully lined. 70% wool, 30% polyester. Made in China.


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Oh... How Thoughtful

Oh Why not try on in the comfort of your very own home...

If you live in Sutton Coldfield or surrounding areas and you are undecided we can bring the Bailey Collection to you!