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Bailey Blackburn Hat


Oh... How Awsome!

A Shantung 'straw' hat is made from high performance paper rolled into fine yarn and then woven, a process perfected by the Japanesein 610 A.D. This lighter yet very strong "offered a perfect panama alternative and was dubbed the "Shantung Panama. "Our finely woven Shantungs are glazed with our proprietary LiteStraw finish to provide a supple feel, water repellency and enhanced shape retention. Due to the nature of the fine fibres used to create the Shantung straw some colour variation will occur when dyed. this enhances the beauty and uniqueness of this product. This hat is skillfully made by our craftsmen right here in the U.S.A with globally sourced components.

Blackburn is from the Breed Collection which salutes the pioneers of style: the experimenters, the avant garde and the most intriguing troubadours of style. Breed hats are stylish, sophisticated and the future of headwear.

Brim: 2 7/8"

Material: Shantung Litestraw
Colour: Silver
Size: Large



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