Oh What A Tiara…

How gorgeous does the lovely Katie look here on her wedding day?!

Katie was getting married abroad in Spain and again didn’t want the traditional veil as her dress was backless, a feature she wanted to keep and the traditional veil would obviously spoil this affect.

Katie knew she wanted a headdress of some description to finish her dress and look off, she showed me several images of the styles she liked and together we discussed what would suit her best taking into consideration how she was going to have her hair on the day.

Katie was also planning on wearing pearl earrings too so that helped us decide on pearls. We ended up using quite a variety of pearls, different shapes and sizes. The result was beautiful and the tiara was the perfect piece to crown her on her wedding day.

Not only did Katie have the beautiful tiara but I also designed and created a matching pearl cuff.

A very regal Edwardian feel I  would say. Simply Exquisite.