Oh… Hat’s Don’t Suit Me?!

Oh… Don’t be silly! You just haven’t found the right one thats all.  Try a headpiece such as “Nutmeg” disc or “Black Window Sinamy Disc”  these are asymmetirc discs. They are inbetween a hat and a fascinator, they are  extremly flattering, they are usually on an Alice band, so extremely easy to wear, it won’t cause “hat hair” if you are worried about that, they are both very stylish and very  elegant. However if you are not happy with these then try slightly  smaller headpieces, such as Lady P & Lady Rose, these are very good choices, can be on a comb or an Alice band, again no ” hat hair ” if this is a concern, inafact these won’t interfere with your hair style or up do. If though you are still not happy then try a smaller fascinator like Blue Belle, as this follows the head around and is extremely flattering, and can easily be added to if you want more of an impact! If you like me love hats espically bigger ones but just dont think they suit you then try an asymmetric sweeping upturned brim, but stick to a slim medium sized crown, not too tall or too wide, and don’t let the brim go wider than your own shoulders! Remember you need to wear the hat not the hat wear you!!